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High-speed Glass Double Edger Production Line

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Product Details

The intelligent high-speed grinding line specialize in processing rectangle shape glass, suitable for building glass, hollow window glass, white glass or LOW-E glass . Automatically detect and adjust, no need to input manually, running automatically, high processing speed, highly enhance the efficiency for processing different size glass to save cost 

|Main Technical Parameters|

Model LFHSZM 30-25 LFHSZM 25-20
Max processing size 3000*2500 mm 2500*2000 mm
Min processing size 350 mm
Thickness of glass 3~35 mm
Processing speed 1~17 m/min
Max. speed of adjusting the glass width 22 m/min
Total Power 45 kw
Total weight 15000 kg 14000 kg
Height of working table 930±30 mm
Occupied area  1190(L) x 10400(W) x 2100(H) 1190(L) x 9900(W) x 2100(H)

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